Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sailboat progress

Finally finished sanding the hull. It took about two weeks of part time sanding or around 20 hours to sand it all down.

Now that it been sanded, I brushed on a coat of Smith's penitrating epoxy. I'll let this dry for a week before coating the hull in West System epoxy.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Finished a few G&D cars

Finally finished up my G&D cars. The reefers are MDC cars, the hopper is Accurail and the two boxcar are the new 36 foot cars they released this year(2017) I took the pictures on the first of
my Quincy modules. I weathered the cars with AK and MIG washes and powders, then sealed with Tamiya flat finish.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

FEC GP40-2 weathering

Just finished up a weathering project for my friend Kevin, who works at Arinie's trains. I used MIG washes and powders for this. I was going for the sun bleached look of an engine working in hot and humid Florida. Kevin will assemble the engine and add sound, that's why I've left it apart and without the handrails on.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Cardstock station

Started working on a laser cut cardstock station I bought at the narrow gauge convention in Maine last year. It's made by a chap named David Proven in the UK.
The kit goes together very nicely, well written instructions with lots of photos. I added paper wallpaper and wainscoting to the interior from Clever models. I added a Grandt line door between the waiting room and office. I put in some lights and flickering fire lamps in the fireplace. Got the lights from

The overhead lights are from GRS.  I'll be mounting this on a small base and use battery power for lights. More soon

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Starting my Quincy module build

Finally started building my Quincy modules. I'm using the track plan from Campbell's with the exception that I'm making mine a single track mainline.
Each module is 2x4 feet. There is a total of three modules.

The above pictures show 2 of the 3 modules. The outside photo shows two sections joined together.  I'm using brass dowels to align the sections.

Below is a work in process group of pictures. I'm using Central Valley tie strips and turnouts.

I'll be posting the rest of this build on my Quincy module blog. see link on the right.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Gorre and Daphetid cars

Picked up a bunch of G&D cars plus 3 undec cars for only 40 bucks. I've got decals to letter the caboose and the 2 reefers. The reefers used to to be yellow, no lettering that I repainted red. I wanted red reefers to match the passenger cars. The yellow reefers are numbered in the low 100's, so I'm going to number the red ones 150 and 151. I'm just going to build the kits up as designed,  no super detailing, just metal wheels, Kadees and some weathering.
I'll put and interior and some people in the coaches, maybe lights too.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Quincy enginehouse

I'm building 2 models of the aforementioned enginehouse. I picked one up on eBay and found that the seller had started it and glue wood siding over the cardboard instead of corrugated metal as per the prototype. So I decided to go ahead and build two of them, a wood sheathed version and a scratch built one with corrugated metal.

The wood one was built first and was a very straight forward build. I used a Peco engine inspection pit and Woodland scenics LED lamps. The fence is Central Valley and a few figures and detail castings were added to the diorama.

The other building was built using individual board on board. I used the kits corrugated metal and weather it using AK washes and chalks. 

Above you can see the walls before I added the metal sheathing. I wasn't sure we're or how big the openings for the tool room and machine shop were, so I made a guess. I made both openings towards the rear, thinking that if they were working on something, they would like to be out of the weather and could have the engine sitting partially outside and not block the openings.

Below is the assembled structure.

Not sure if I'll finish the roof since I want to add interior details later. You see that I re-weathered the tool room.

Here are both buildings 

The structure on the left (diorama) is for sale. $350 which includes shipping. If interested, drop me a note.